Letter from the Editor


Letter from the Editor

As the Senior Editor of RxESCUESKIN, I wanted to share why I love and choose to work with this extraordinary start-up beauty company.

Firstly, RxESCUESKIN is clean, sustainable, and herculean. It's a superpower in my skincare arsenal. About 15 years ago, I stopped using anything toxic on my body. Although I'm obsessed with skin care, my time is limited. Who's time isn't?

Above all, RxESCUESKIN has integrity. The work ethic here is truly honorable. As a human but even more as a woman, I always feel respected and valued.

Before I began working with RxESCUESKIN last July, I asked if I could test the serum. The team was very transparent, sent the company's background, operations information, and details on Adult MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS (MSCS).

Wait. "Human stem cells?" I asked, "Not from fetuses, right?" RxESCUESKIN replied, "Only from healthy adult donors." Whew.

Next, I researched stem cell science, RxESCUESKIN's ingredients, origin story, and team members. I admired their passion, care, and purpose of the formulato improve skin healthDuring my testing month, my skin felt softer and I saw some improvement in my tone. After three weeks, I joined the RxESCUESKIN family.

After a few months, I neglected using the serum for about six weeks. My neglect was a turning point. It's when I realized that one pump twice a day made a huge difference. My skin didn't deteriorate, but I saw that it remained stagnant and a bit dull. After a week of getting back to my skin routine, it started bouncing back.

Note: I'm not a salesperson and don't receive any commission; therefore, I don't need to pump you up.

In my personal life, like many of you, I'm juggling life; young children, homeschooling, chores, and career. Therefore, my skin care routine has to be realisticquick and powerful. Simple like A, B, C. When it comes to preserving natural beauty realistically and healthily, RxESCUESKIN has it down to a science. It's a unique and potent serum; and the first of its kind.

RxESCUESKIN brought my focus back to caring for the skin that I was given without feeling overwhelmed. You can always try it for yourself with a 30-day risk-free trial. Last year, we were over the moon with our success because of our customers and team. I am very excited to see the heights that RxESCUESKIN reaches!

From Our Skin Care to Yours,