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Jenny Cho - Celebrity Makeup Artist

Jenny Cho - Celebrity Makeup Artist

    What keeps you motivated?

       My family.


        What feeling, situation, or epiphany let you know that this (current career) is what you wanted to do in life?  

          I think that hair chose me because there was nothing else I ever wanted to do. I knew that this was the clear path for me when I realized hair was an art form that I can be creative and help people feel and bring out their very best. 

            Who was your first skinfluencer? (Whomever taught you how to care for your skin:  Mom, sister, aunt, friend, actor, etc) 

              In my household, I grew up with my mom, two grandmothers, one aunt, and an older girl cousin--They all were. Every week, we would go to the Korean bathhouse. That was a weekly ritual. Sometimes, twice a week. To soak in a hot tub to loosen up the dead skin and then came the scrub with neon green, pink, or red square glove to take the dead skin off every part of the body then we would plunge into an ice-cold pool to circulate our blood system to keep and to tighten up the skin. We all took turns scrubbing each other's backs and poured milk all over freshly scrubbed bodies to keep skin soft. 

              At home, we would thinly cut or grind up fresh cold cucumbers for face masks to brighten our faces, give each other home facials, and watched Korean dramas crunching down on leftover cucumbers and eat perfectly peeled and cut fruits that were in season. All of the women in my household took skincare very seriously. I think almost all Korean women did. 

              On my mom's makeup vanity, I remember perfectly lined up skincare set up of 5 or more step skincare system, along with an unknown American cold cream to take the makeup off. Japanese and Korean makeup perfectly stacked, a pink can of hairspray bottle, and a few perfume bottles that my mom hardly ever used. I can still hear the tapping on the faces every morning and night and the old school Korean skincare smell that takes me back to my childhood and has influenced me to continue the tradition.

                When did you start caring for your skin? 

                  When I turned 15, my mom bought me my very first Shiseido skincare set and taped numbers on the bottles, so I knew all the steps. 

                    Why is skincare important to you? 

                      Skincare = Health and Health = Wealth 

                        What skin product (besides sunscreen) can you not live without? (Toner, moisturizer, serum) 

                          Hyaluronic acid serum is a must. 

                            Beauty means many things. What does it mean to you? 

                              It’s the internal center energy of the real you that makes you glow from the inside out. 

                                What’s your #1 beauty tip? 

                                  Be kind to yourself.

                                    What empowers you? 

                                      Love and gratitude.

                                        How do you empower others through your work? 

                                          I give them the care that I would want someone to give me. I try to treat every client's look and our time together as if it was the most important day for them. 

                                            What is one important lesson that you’ve learned from your child (children) and what do you hope they learn from you? 

                                              My son is the greatest teacher I have. Children all are. His pure honesty and innocence are a mirror of how I can guide myself back to my center. I do my best not to teach but to guide him to be the best version of who he was born to be. 

                                                How do you balance your time between your career demands and family demands? 

                                                  I balance by being present by being in the moment. I really give it all, whether it’s at work or home with my family. 

                                                    How do you explain what “Mommy” does when you’re away? 

                                                      Have they seen your work? 

                                                      My son is six, and he has been to work with me a few times, and he has watched me do hair on clients. He has a general idea that mommy’s job is to help people feel and look beautiful so they can do their jobs.



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