Jade Rollers Are Here to Stay


Jade Rollers Are Here to Stay

On one of my many visits to South Korea, I traveled to Daegu and Jeju Island. I picked up a few handmade, wooden massage tools sold at flea markets. One of them was a face roller, just like the popular jade roller, but pure wood. It was about $3 but worked wonders. In 2008, I was on my quest for a non-Botox solution against my newly formed "11" lines. You know those pesky creepers between the eyebrows that can make a person look stressed, unhappy, or mad. Well, I was all of those during that time.*Before I continue, I don't want anyone to feel offended when I speak about Botox. I just choose not to get it, although I have friends who prioritize it.

I started searching for a sturdier face roller, which led me to the Yushi gunlun, aka Stone of Heaven, as we know it, the jade roller. Medically known as the glabella, it is the #1 area where fillers and injections, such as Botox or Xeomin, are administered.My theory is that I wasn't born with these lines. They were developed over time by stress, neglecting my skin, not wearing sunglasses, being inconsistent with my skincare routine, and, of course, aging. After a while, caring for our skin takes more work. So be it. I'm always up for a challenge!We all know that massaging our faces is a good thing when done correctly. Yet, sometimes, we may pull or stretch our skin a little too much. I used to watch my mom gently massage Pond's cold cream into her face, neck, and chest. Then, slapping herself! I thought it was ridiculous. Though now, I get it. I would use an oil like jojoba, but I see the results of my mom's commitment to draining her lymphatic system and bringing blood flow to her face. It also relaxed her facial muscles, especially after dealing with my sister and me all day.Instead of using my hands, I started using a jade roller to apply my products gently. After one week of using a jade roller every night for 15 minutes, I was glowing! It's not an iron that flattens out wrinkles, but I found that it lessens muscle tension. In turn, that can reduce the impact of creasing my skin. After I do a lymphatic jade roller massage, I drink a glass of water, just as I would after a full body massage.Early on, I experimented by vigorously rolling the tool all over my face. After a minute, I was dizzy. So, I don't recommend doing that. But, it proved to me that massaging my face increased its blood circulation. 

Why is blood circulation good for our faces? For our faces, it removes toxins, increases oxygen, stimulates healthy cell growth, and reduces puffiness. Blood carries oxygen, which automatically gives us a healthier look. It's like a face workout. 

study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology found benefits in both short-term and long-term facial massaging use with a roller.

"Findings from the long-term study suggested that using a roller improved blood flow response, or the so-called vasodilatory response, to heat stimulation. One explanation for this could be that endothelial cells in the massaged area produce more nitric oxide, which is known to be a potent vasodilator," written in Tokyo Tech News. 

"Vasodilation is the widening of your blood vessels. It happens when smooth muscles found in the walls of arteries or large veins relax, allowing the blood vessels to become more open. This leads to an increase in blood flow through your blood vessels as well as a decrease in blood pressure," according to Healthline.The jade roller dates back to imperial China when jade was nearly as impressive as diamonds. I read on Sotheby's website that jade originated in modern-day Burma and appeared in China during the late Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Getting Botox is quick but expensive. Using a jade roller takes time but has benefits. Plus, we don't have to drop $300-600 for a shot to the glabella each time. If you choose to use one, keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure your hands and face are clean.
  • Don't bulldoze the roller on your face. 
  • Roll inward to outward and slightly up.
  • Use the small roller around the eyes extra gently.
  • Disinfect the roller before and after use.

Here are a few YouTube videos on how to use a jade roller: Marianna HewittPilates by LisaBeBeautiful (skip to 2:12 for step 1), Gothamista (skip to 3:55), Holistic Wellness ASMRHomeSpa Beauty (skip to 4:00 for step 1).

Jade rollers can be placed in the fridge for a skin tightening and depuffing effect. Rollers can be used to wash our faces and apply serums. They are a great addition to anyone trying to improve his/her skin health. I always feel a little more at ease after giving my face a massage. Always remember to care for yourself while caring for others. By the way, when you try Rxescue Skin serum, you will also receive our jade roller as a holiday gift! Rxescue serum works hard for your skin and you will see it. After 30 days, if you don't agree, you can return it for a full refund! That's how confident we are.