10 Step Summer Skin Layer Routine


10 Step Summer Skin Layer Routine

Which came firstthe chicken or the egg? Many of us get confused when it comes to layering skincare. Do we wash our faces then apply sunscreen? When do we add primer for makeup? We're going to discuss the best steps to layer our skin and keep our face in place while in hot and humid climates.

When layering skincare, we're mixing all the ingredients of each product together. It's best to keep it to a minimum, especially in the summer. Some people alternate their products, such as using a retinol one day while cutting out exfoliating.Step One

Wash your face twice. We have gunk thrown at our faces constantly. We don't always see what particles are on our faces, but they create oil, bacteria, clogged pores, and more. So, how we wash our faces is essential. Using a facial wipe is only going to clean the surface. We need to get underneath it all.

Wash for 30 seconds. Rinse. Repeat. Or exfoliate your face by using a gentle scrub or face brush. But please don't overdo it. Be gentle.

Step Two

Apply serum. A clean face soaks up ingredients more easily and deeply. You will see better results when the face is thoroughly cleansed.

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Step Three

Give time for the product to penetrate and dry.Allowing each layer to soak and dry before applying the next step will prevent a gunky effect. If it happens, just wash off and restart. There's no need to overload the skin. Doing so can block the essentials from being absorbed.Step Four

Dab on eye cream. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on our bodies. So, it's important to care for them. Plus, they work really hard all day. It's crucial to not skip this step. Find a clean eye cream to help keep the eyes nourished.

Step Five

Use a moisturizer. Moisturizers keep the skin soft while locking in any other ingredients that were applied. Give our new RxESCUESKIN moisturizer a go! It's a gentle beast for skin health.Step Six

Slather on sunscreen. In every season, sun protection is as important as eating for the skin. Sunscreen prevents premature aging. Why age faster than needed? It should always be applied before any makeup. There are new sunscreens that can be misted on the face, but sunscreen before makeup is way more effective. Spraying on can help maintain sun protection a few hours later.

Step Seven

Smooth on primer. When applying makeup, primer is a key step. In the summer, it should never be missed. Primer gives makeup a base to stay in place. Cosmetics will go on much smoother, too.Step Eight

After the primer has dried. Makeup is ready to make its debut. 

Step Nine

Setting powder is sort of new, but it is magical. In the summer heat, it truly makes a difference to a made-up face. Even if you find one with SPF, don't skip applying sunscreen before making up the face.

Step Ten

Setting spray is a crucial step in keeping your fresh face looking great all day. It locks in your makeup through the sweat and the tears. 

Getting into the rhythm of a regular skin care routine is one of the healthiest habits for the skin. Think of physical activity and its benefits. The skin is the same, in a sense. Having healthy skin is the best canvas for makeup. Keeping a clean, consistent skin care routine and eating healthily helps achieve it.

Good habits create serotonin moments. All the feels! Be good to yourself and enjoy the summer!

From Our Skin Care to Yours,