Help! My Hands Are So Dry!


Help! My Hands Are So Dry!

How many times have you washed your hands in the past year? These colder months make the extra, but necessary, handwashing brutal, particularly if you have eczema or psoriasis. With more responsibilities at home, most of us wash our hands and move on to the next taskwith no aftercare. We have to step it up.

After washing our hands, we need to super soak them with a thick moisturizer. Make sure the hand lotion is not a drying one. Cocoa butter is my favorite as a protective barrier. I apply hand cream. After letting it soak, I smother my hands with cocoa butter. It shields everything. You may not want to use your computer right after.

When looking for hand cream, look for cocoa butter, glycerin, aloe vera, or honey. They are excellent at soothing, moisturizing, and defending against dry, cracking skin.

Grapeseed, poppy seed, coconut, avocado, sunflower, and jojoba oils are high in ceramides, jojoba with the highest quantity at 95%. So, if you have no sensitivities to these oils, they will do right by your skin. I've been topping off my skin regimen with jojoba oil. I use Desert Essence's Organic Jojoba Oil. It wasn't until I researched more about ceramides that I understood what the benefits were.

My hand cream recommendations are: 

We need more powerful routines. Here are some suggestions:

  • Oat and milk bath for your hands; it can calm and soothe chapped hands. It's gentle for those with eczema or psoriasis. 
  • Lather hands in honey, aloe vera, or both. Wrap them for about 20 minutes.
  • Make a hand scrub. Slough off that dead skin. You can make one by mixing lemon, sugar, and your oil of choice.

Note: Always follow with a hand cream after doing any of these.

After your everyday skin routine, rub any leftover product into your hands, like Rxescue Skin serum. Another piece of advice is to always wear gloves when washing dishes or doing chores.

If possible, get a water softener, which removes impurities and softens your water. Also, a hand mask. Marinate your hands in cocoa butter, your favorite oil, and hand cream. Next, put on a pair of socks or cotton gloves while sleeping. The last tip is to protect your hands with sunscreen.

The RxESCUESKIN family wishes you a Happy New Year and a healthy 2021!From Our Skin Care to Yours,