Glowing from Within


Glowing from Within

How do fitness, diet, skin care, and healthy habits connect? They all help us age well and feel joy, and this combination is lethal in fighting the aging process. How we treat our bodies can either accelerate aging or make our health thrive!

For the past couple of months, the RxESCUESKIN team has been highlighting "All Things Mind, Body, and Soul" with some of our favorite health and wellness experts to deliver an exclusive video series to you! We hope to keep your spirits high while achieving a healthy lifestyle by giving our family full access to the videos for FREE.

The RxESCUESKIN team understands that having great skin isn't the most crucial part of life, but when you combine a complete well-being plan, you can achieve great skin, a peaceful mind and heart, enjoy better health, and feel ALIVE.

Our world is loud today. Many of us may have noticed high noise levels while working from home. It's insane! Chronic noise pollution significantly impacts our well-being and affects our oceans and wildlife. Research has found evidence that it directly affects your brain chemistry. It drives people crazy, and ways to reduce noise are being Googled regularly!

Sound practitioner and Wellness Designer, El Larson from Heare joined us to discuss finding balance.

"Noise pollution is detrimental to so many of our systems.. A sound bath can certainly help to reset and calm the nervous system of people subject to excess noise. If someone is experiencing noise pollution regularly (work/ home), I’d recommend a daily clearing practice (meditation, toning, buying their own bowl etc) in addition, and as much noise mitigation/ sound proofing (including earplugs - I carry some in my purse) as realistic. I’m also a big fan of silence."

It's not a new revelation that the benefits of exercise are endless, even an act as minimal as walking. It increases blood flow which feeds the skin and other parts of the body, helping to release toxins. Working out also releases chemicals in our body that heal our skin and body, and the substances work directly with our cells!

We have a lot of backed-up skin gunk and exercise aids in pushing it out. Of course, if we don't correctly wash our skin after a workout, it'll cause more problems than solutions, such as clogging pores, acne, etc. For those with skin conditions, find the best exercise not to trigger any flare-ups. Remember always to use sunscreen when exercising outdoors.

We hung out with fitness entrepreneur, Savi Win holding so many titles from an in-Person/Online Personal Trainer and Coach, a certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, mentorship under Bret Contreras (Ph.D., CSCS, *D), and an athlete. We asked how fitness has affected her whole body and skin.

"I feel noticeably better when I nourish my body and stay active. My skin looks more refreshed, my muscles pop, and my energy increases. As I balance my physical health & wellness, I also become more receptive to my mental health & wellness."

There's power in our minds, bodies, and souls, which are crucial elements in maintaining optimum health. When you care for your body, you'll always glow from within—Radiate!

We have more to come. We hope you enjoy the entire free video series! And we always wish you health and glowing skin. If you haven't already, please give RxESCUESKIN a try, risk-free.