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Fireworks, Fun, Furry Friends

Fireworks, Fun, Furry Friends

Fireworks are fun for us, not fun for our fur babies. All animals will associate loud noises, such as fireworks, with danger. It puts them in survival mode, causing panic and anxiety attacks.

The fireworks range is 150-175 decibels! In comparison to the average human ear of 20 kilohertz, a dog's hearing is around 40 kilohertz and a cat's is at about 60 kHz. 

We already get stressed from constant noise pollution such as leaf blowers, car alarms, and tweaked motorcycle mufflers. Imagine if we had superhuman hearing. 

Hydrate and Feed.

Make sure your furry gal or guy is hydrated with a full belly before the explosions begin.

Treats, treats, treats.

Usually, your pet won't pass up his or her favorite snack. It'll make your furry pal happy.

Do not take your pet outdoors where loud outbursts of noises will happen.

Block escapes. 

Close all windows, doors, and possible exits. Some pets will jump out of a window in fear and confusion. Some pets unknowingly run away from being in a state of shock. Make sure your pet is microchipped or has a location detector. 

Close the shades or curtains. 

Flashes of light can freak them out, whether it's lightning or fireworks. 

Create a safe space where they can play and not harm themselves by breaking items such as glass. If there's a favorite place in your home, that would be best. But don't lock them in a room or crate. Some people have left a crate open as an option.

 Be calm.

Try to remain as normal and peaceful as possible. No one wants to see pets in a state of dismay, but it's not a good idea to hold them as they could become aggressive from fear. Stick close by so that they know you're there for them.

Use an anxiety or pressure wrap or ear muffs.

A wrap is similar to swaddling a baby. It may or may not work for a short-term situation like Independence Day because it is usually used for chronic anxiety. There are a few pet wraps available such as Thundershirts or The Anxiety Wrap. You can also make a DIY wrap with a knitted scarf or blanket.


Some people are not comfortable with giving medications to their fur friends but if you are, then ask your veterinarian to prescribe an anti-anxiety pill for the big weekend. 

Go to a kennel far from noise.

Taking your pet to a kennel away from any noise is a great option if you have the means.

Play relaxing music, calming sounds, or use a white noise machine.

Play hard.

Your fur baby can benefit from a day of playing hard and being too tired to focus on sounds after you've made all the arrangements, i.e. closing blinds, treats, etc.

Next day.

Your pet may still be restless. Try to give plenty of care and make sure your fur friends make up for any sleep they may have lost.

The Rescueskin team loves animals and we hope everyone and their fur families enjoy the Fourth of July and all summer festivities! We'll be hearing fireworks throughout the summer until people are over them or use their entire supply. So, be safe and prepared for the summer sounds.

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