COVID-19 - We are here to help. Science is here to help. — RESCUESKIN LABORATORIES
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Free Shipping + 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping + 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
COVID-19 - We are here to help. Science is here to help.

COVID-19 - We are here to help. Science is here to help.

By now most of us are overwhelmed by the flood of information on COVID-19, much of which is poor and misleading. It’s especially disconcerting to companies like RxESCUESKIN and our sister organization Prodo Labs, which specializes in cellular and biological research—the foundation of our company, culture, and products. (Prodo Labs is the world’s leading supplier of islet cells for diabetes disease research.)

Our knowledge of science, specifically biology, is something we often take for granted but undoubtedly comes to the forefront now. For example, it is our immune system and healthy cells that fight disease. And all treatments, potential cures, and therapies for the virus take this into account.

During this challenging time, the best way we can be of service to our audience is not to sell you on the merits of RxESCUESKIN, but to use our foundation in science and medicine to provide factual, clinically significant information in relation to COVID-19. In the coming weeks, I and my partner Prodo Labs founder Dr. David Scharp, MD (more about him here: will co-author an email series featuring a variety of topics including medicine, science, and wellness that we hope will be meaningful to you and your family.

I strongly believe that our audience wants to know more, to understand more about science, biology, and how the body functions. At RxESCUESKIN we are grounded in scientific and clinical data. We encourage you to take the same approach when navigating through media-driven sensationalism and misinformation. Challenge information when you get it. Research before you react. Become a scientist.

Together we will overcome this. We will prevail. Biology (your body) and science will beat COVID-19.

In love and health,


Dr. David Scharp, MD
Prodo Laboratories

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